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Re: Uh.....what?

gordonsbuck wrote:

dmanthree wrote:

A quote from Gordon:

"If the in-camera JPEG produced by the G9 is analogous to using slide
film then the raw image is analogous to using negative film. "

The in camera JPEG is analagous to keeping only the prints. The RAW
file is either the original neg or slide (IMHO). Anyway, aside from
being overy picky, it's a nice site, and Gordon does fully explain
the advantages of shooting RAW over JPEG. A simple point that's
usually lost on the other guy who reviews stuff he's never touched.

I agree that the analogy of JPEG --> slide whereas Raw --> negative
is a bit of a stretch. My intention was to point out that, like a
slide, the JPEG is "done" (OK, sort of) once the button is pressed
whereas a raw file, like a negative, must be further processed. Of
course, a slide can be post processed to make a print but I still
think of slides as being the "what you got is what you shot"

Ah, OK. That makes sense now.

Just think, in a few years -- perhaps even now -- the analogy to film
will be a complete waste of time for many photographers.

Which is a damned shame, but you're right; it's inevitable. My age is showing....

Glad you liked the site, thanks for the comment.

Keep up the good work!

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