Workflow to SLR and RAW

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Workflow to SLR and RAW

If this is covered well somewhere in a tutorial or something, please share your link!

I'm new to SLR and RAW and have read a fair amount up on lots of subjects (RAW, RAW+JPG, LIGHTROOM, etc).

Honestly, I'm a little confused on a good workflow approach. I tend to take lots of pictures (10 to 20 where in situations where 1 used to do with film). I've personally taken about 15,000 digital pictures since 1998. I want the most DR out of my E-510, so I think RAW is the right thing to do, even though I probably only color correct and edit 1% to 3% of the pictures I take (with P&S), the rest I just view as is.

If you care, my current workflow with my P&S is this:

  • take HQ JPG images with camera

  • copy JPGs (and AVIs) to folder that has name of latest picture on memory card (I wrote a script to do this) so the folder name might be 2008_02_11. I can add a comment at the end of the foldername if appropriate (ie. 2008_02_11_Hawaii)

  • rename filename to include date and sequential stamp (I wrote a scirpt for this,too) so pictures new name might be 2008_02_11-015_D7832 (YYYY_MM_DD-SEQ_DXXXX) where SEQ is the sequential number from that date and the DXXXX is my cameras sequential number which resets after 9999. The DXXXX is kind of like a unique identifier for me.

  • View images in ACDSEE Pro

I like to keep all me images on my hard disk for instant access and browsing (although with 15k+ images, browsing is getting harder). I keep ALL my photos including the blury ones (I don't know why).

So any suggestions are welcome. I hear lightroom is good...but I'm confused if I need RAW+JPG or just RAW and how to truly manage that and how it would impact my workflow...

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