Aperture CA correction comparison - Results

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Aperture CA correction comparison - Results

Following on from:

Robert F. Tobler wrote:

To give you an example what is possible with automated tools
in Photoshop, here is my benchmark image for CA correction
(taken with the Tokina 10-17 at the wide end):

Crop of the top right corner original:

Crop of the top right corner corrected:

This is the result from Aperture2, without the sharpening or other enhhancements (although I did do a little WB to bring it a little closer to yours for basic comparison purposes):

And here is a link to the full image:


Repeating from my previous post:

Conclusion. Aperture 2.0 Moire/Radius can deal with mild CA. The remaining CA can be attacked with targetted colour adjustment. The targetted adjustments need to be carefully selected to be sympathetic to the rest of the image make-up. I'm convinced there will be many images where Aperture 2.0 will be able to deal with CA very effectively, but for some extreme images a dedicated process may be better.


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