Why not a low light GOD: 6MP FF sensor w/ gigantic photon wells?

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Re: DR at lower MP for high ISO...

GordonBGood wrote:

Yup, a 3 MP sensor with current Pentax or Sony CMOS 14 or 12 MP
technology should provide about two extra stops of DR at high ISO's,

That's only with the pixel as an instrument, though. It is not necessarily true for the image (except for special cases, like when cameras like Canon DSLRs have special low-noise high-ISO readout circutry that takes up a lot of sensor space).

at the expense of reduced resolution. However, you could buy those
14 or 12 MP Pentax, Sony, or Nikon cameras using these sensors,
down-res and downsample to 3 MP equivalent, and likely end up with
about the same amount of noise as the native 3 MP camera but with the
capability to go to 12 MP at low ISO for more detail.

I don't think you have to downsample at all; just don't view it at 100% to compare.

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