Aperture newbie question

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Re: Aperture newbie question

Ian Wood wrote:

heavymeister wrote:

So this means you have to click on a thumbnail photo and have a look
at the metadat inspector or check if the RAW adjustment tool appears.
Isn't there a simpler way? I would like to see on first look on my
thumbnail sheet which photo is RAW, which is JPEG and which was shot
in both formats. Just like I have it in Photo Mechanic.

I think you misunderstand what people are saying. If you shoot
RAW+JPEG and import straight into Aperture without separating the
files, you don't see the JPEGS at all . To see them you will have to
select the thumbnails (which will be of the RAW files) and create new
Versions from the JPEG Masters.


No. that's not what I meant.

I'm sitting here infront of the thumbnail view of a folder that contains RAW-only, JPEG-only and RAW+JPEG files. All I want is to identify at first look which thumbnail is RAW and which isn't. Is there a setting in Aperture that can be enabled to do just that?

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