Format CompactFlash?

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Re: Format CompactFlash?

It's not strictly necessary, but it does not harm, and might actually help once in a while. Usually I delete my files after downloading using Downloader Pro, and reinsert the card back into the camera and continue using. I did this for over two years (transferring about once a week) without any problems.

Formatting doesn't actually write over the entire card - that would take much longer than a couple of seconds. It merely clears out the index entries and so on.

Checking the amount of space available on a 2GB card from deleting and formatting, I see a difference of 32KB (formatting gives you 32KB more). That's about 0.5% of a RAW file.

Occasionally file systems could become corrupted, and the easiest way of fixing this is to format it.

Short answer is : whatever you do is fine. Choose a workflow that seems more natural to you.

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