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A possible benefit...

When I used Minolta, I used to format my cards in computer and then in camera every time, but I've been lazy about that since I switched to Canon. No particular reason for either approach in my case.

A couple of weekends ago, however, I formatted my Sandisk cards (Extreme III, 4GB and 8GB) in the computer. FAT32, 32k cluster size (I believe the camera formats using a 4k cluster size for cards up to 8GB).

My write performance increased noticeably; shooting RAW at both ends of the court during a high school basketball game, I almost never had to wait for the buffer to clear.

Interestingly, the performance seemed to drop again after a "delete all" in camera. Can't explain this, unless perhaps the 40D actually formats the card instead of just deleting all the files.

Note that this may not be a good practice for all cards; I've read that some cards have partition offsets that are just screwy enough to slow the camera down because it's always writing across clusters. But it seemed to work very well for me with the two types of cards listed above. I'll be doing that again for sure.

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