What's Up With NIKON?

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What's Up With NIKON?

A while back I posted a question about what is wrong with the Nikon brand that it cannot break, or break and keep, a place in the top three on this web site.

I was pointing out that I rarely, if ever, see a Nikon camera rated in the top three of the Most Popular Cameras box/survey/click counter thing on the DPReview home page.

I specifically pointed out that the D3 and D300, being equal if not better than what Canon had out, were only showing at #7 and not even on the chart, respectively.

A lot of people said that it was just my imagination, that the cameras would soon shoot to the top as soon as they were officially released (even though the camera at the top was a Canon that had been released only days before).

I still think there is something odd about the count. That Nikon must not have a very good, though more high class, advertising campaign.

Since then, I have not seen either of these Nikon products, or any Nikon product enter the top 3, maybe even top 4. Do the Canon people serimoniously click on their favorite camera before going to the forums? Does Canon pay people to click? I would understand if it always fluctuated, or if Nikon was always a close 2nd or 3rd.

For instance, go here http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/stats.asp to see that Canon has 2x the share as Nikon in hits. And if you take a look at the graph on the home page you will see that, and this is almost always the case when I take the time to look, that Nikon is a good 5% or more behind the lowest Canon. But Canon's top 3 are almost always within 1-2% of the top.

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