Epson r1400 with cis-whats your experience?

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rckowal Junior Member • Posts: 43
Re: Epson 1400 Hinge Retainer

As I recall, it took more force than I felt comfortable with. But, it did come out in one piece without breaking anything. I think it's a snap fit "widget" so it doesn't just slide out.

However, since I have only done one of these jobs, I can't give you any assurance that it will come apart for you as it did for me.

Good luck

William Pesch wrote:

Yes, I was specifically looking at the right side hinge retainer. It
looks like there are 2 "prongs" holding the retainer in place. You
say to just pry on this retainer and it will come loose. There is no
hidden pin under the clip or whatever holding the clip in place? I
had been "lightly" prying on this retainer to see if it would budge.
It would move slightly, but I did not want to force it fearing I
would break something.

So, I just have to be more assertive you say. Okay?

Thank you,

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