Epson r1400 with cis-whats your experience?

Started Feb 13, 2008 | Discussions thread
rckowal Junior Member • Posts: 43
Epson 1400 Hinge Retainer


To answer your last question - Yes, there is a small plastic retainer that holds the right hinge in place. I had to remove a lot of the printers housing at the right hand side to get at it.

Since I did this about a year ago, I don't remember exactly how I removed the retainer except that it was with a prying action. There are some pictures of the retainer on this Efill


William Pesch wrote:


You say the cover can be removed, but not easily. Then, please tell
me what the procedure you used is. I to don't want to destroy the
cover, if not absolutely necessary.

Somehow the right hinge pin receiver has to be removed. Is there a
(hidden) clip or pin or something that has to be lifted, etc.?

What to do?

Thank you,

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