More megapixels, better photos: Fact or fiction?

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Re: While valid ...

Sorry, I missed the title of your post "While valid"

Fair enough.

although I still find your upbraiding of Wilfred for
contributing his insight in the thread a bit pompous.

And how do you view your own use of the pejorative "measurebator?"

Why bother?

Ummm... because the comment was missing the very point of the discussion. Maybe Wilfred didn't read the article.

and yes, I read the article when the link was provided
but didn't realize that that made the thread exclusionary.

No, it doesn't make the thread exclusionary. People take topics into different directions all the time. My pointing out that this Wilfred is bringing up a valid but quite different topic doesn't stop anyone from continuing to discuss that topic.

Tough forum lately.

Yes, when pointing out that someone has wandered off topic makes you pompous and when discussing a technical issue in a forum that is heavily oriented toward gear and technical discussions earns people the "measurbator" label - it is a tough forum.

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