Epson r1400 with cis-whats your experience?

Started Feb 13, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: Epson r1400 with cis-whats your experience?

I've had an e1400 for about 3 weeks now using the IJF Bigfoot pigment ink cis.

To remove the cartridge cover--the left side has a spring so the top needs just a little push to separate it from the main case, but the right side needs to be clipped off--a small cut should be sufficient.

When starting the measuring off of the ribbon, note that the cartridge carrier does not need to go all the way to (the extreme) left when printing. This helps in getting just the right length so it won't jam up as mechanism moves left and right. The cis does work better with an open top cover, but if you get the ribbon length just right you can work with the cover closed as well. I worked this out after several trial runs.

It was also great to see how smoothly the chipset reset itself after the printer read I was low on ink.

However, after much printing during this time, I'm now seeing some prints coming out with two lines down the page, lines looking like a thin scratch whose cause I now have to investigate. It doesn't look like an ink problem. I wonder if other people have experienced this.

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