Epson r1400 with cis-whats your experience?

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Re: Epson r1400 with cis-whats your experience?


I have been using the Epson 1400 with an Efillink CIS for about a year now. It has performed flawlessly. I print both professional photos & documents with it. To me, I see no difference in the quality when compared to Epsons OEM Claria cartridges. And, since I see no need for so-called "archival" performance, I don't use pigment inks.

To install any CIS in the 1400; you will have to remove the cover from the cartridge holder. This is necessary so the CIS tubing isn't compressed by closing the cover. It can be done easily by breaking the cover hinges - this will probably void the printer warranty.

Although it is possible to remove the cover with out breaking it (I've done it myself) it is not a simple task. Since I was concerned about voiding the warranty, I started out using Efillink refillable cartridges. They are not as convenient as the CIS but you can still enjoy tremendous cost savings. Once I gained confidence using after-market inks, I changed over to the CIS.

If you haven't yet priced Epson OEM cartridges, you're in for "sticker shock". It costs more than $125.00 to replace a set of them. "To add insult to injury", you will not get very much printing done with OEM cartridges since they hold very little ink. As some one once said it "Epson almost gives you the printer to sell you their inks".

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