Epson r1400 with cis-whats your experience?

Started Feb 13, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: Epson r1400 with cis-whats your experience?


I have the 1400 with Inkjetfly's Smallfoot dye ink CIS and I have no complaints.

It has worked well for the month that I've used it, with no clogs or other problems. My Smallfoot came pre-filled so I didn't have to go through the initial charging procedure.

The auto reset chips are a great feature. They just reset automatically back to full.

I'm not sure how pigment inks will work in the 1400 since it was designed for dye, but I guess you'll find out and let us know.

IJF only had one profile for the dye inks and the 1400, for Epson Matte Heavyweight, and it was very accurate.

Be aware that you might have to break the hinge on the ink cartridge cover of the printer to remove it.

Also, watch the ink tubing ribbon carefully when installing it on the printer. The 1400 doesn't have a lot of extra clearance on the left side for the tubing to go under the printer housing. You must have the cover open at all times when printing. Otherwise the tubing will get twisted as the print head goes back and forth. Trust me on this.

Good luck with the CIS and let us know how it works. Printing all day without worrying about ink cost is very stress relieving.


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