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No offense but...

My findings are that the 14-24 is a perfect lens and a zoom on top of it. Flare is a known phenomena on superwides and it is going to be there on lenses of this type. However, nobody can claim that Nikon hasn´t made magic in ironing out just about all other imperfections from this lens. What comes to cost, you can buy three expensive primes instead of it or you can first buy three bad Canon zooms and then buy a good one - it is cheaper to buy a good one from the start.

Not taking a filter may be a praise - I wonder how the reflections and flares would be with a filter?

"Perfect corner to corner prime-beating sharpness, zoom, 14mm, very low vignetting, virtually no aberrations or fringing and 35 mm format". Saying that ten years ago would have taken you to a mental hospital.

Understandably, for other focal lengths I use other lenses. Calling professionals using Nikon equipment "Nikon Fanboys" certainly does not give the thread a very neutral status.

The lens is actually worth setting up a whole new religion :-). Somebody, "" ?? Set up a chat where people feeling like an american politician after a long night sleep could go and type+hype about the lens, how it has improved their lives, cleaned up neighbourhoods and have pictures of 14-24-club members doing donations to childrens hospitals, stories how the arabs and americans are joining forces against the soft optics evil in the world because of the euforia created by the 14-24-club... oh, got a little carried away

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