I got to play with the Sigmamonster 300-800mm the other day. ;-)

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I got to play with the Sigmamonster 300-800mm the other day. ;-)

Well Guys & Gals,

I am happy & proud to say that the somewhat unsociable Los Angeles has turned far more sociable for me of late. It's hard to make new friends when one is so old & set in ones ways.

Anyhow, you may know that we've started out own little DPR LA group. We have our own blog area set up by SoCalSteve & our little group has grown from 3 to 5. Well, we've yet to meet Mike who unfortunately could not meet up with us on this last meet up. Mike we hope to see you next time.

Anyhow, last Saturday morning we went to Sepulveda Dam which I had scouted about a week earlier. We set a 10am meet up time, which turned out to be great.

Ryan, SoCalSteve's 11 year old son, was along again & he will soon have a D40x I think & will have a lot more fun taking shots when he comes along in the future. They had a previous engagement so only stayed with us for a short while.

So, Steve64 & Bob (Robert) Caswell - - I suddenly can't remember Bob's handle here.... and I kept shooting. We kept shooting until dark. We had so much fun. Big lesson.... bring food in backpack. Since I was too lazy to go back to the car & was about to fall over, I was lucky Steve & Bob shared some snacks with me. If not I would have fainted....

Anyhow, Bob was sweet enough to let me shoot out of his 300-800mm f/5.7 (I think) Sigmamonster on his D300. Thank you again Bob. Very sweet of you. Boy do I wish it's not as large as it is.

Anyhow, I wish to present a few of my shots taken at 800mm f/8 with this huge lens. Taken with Bob's D300 on his settings (was not going too mess with Bob's camera).

BTW - - lessons learned:
1, pack a snack & extra to drink
2, no lens is long enough - - ever....

This is an oddly colored Black-crowned Night Heron & yes the shots are cropped to about 40% I believe........

Lil - - - I hope you'll enjoy....

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