Personal use of D3 to capture family @ school or other events vs Pro shooters on site

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Re: Sitting in the trench

Anders F Eriksson wrote:

Roman_93 wrote:

Furthermore pro's life is getting increasingly hard because of the
legions of hobby guys that try to get a bit of the cake these days.
And that in a market, that already was on it's knees before the
digital cams swept in.
F90 - F4s - F100 - D2X - D3 ->

Unfortunately that's the tough reality for many pros today, but
that's not going to change no matter how much one complains. The only
way to make a living as a photographer today is to be better than the
competition, be it amateurs or pros.

Not just that, some fields of pro photography are increasingly less viable to make any money at all in. There is more to it than just being better, which is defineately part of it, but in some ares there is less money to be spent on photography and in some cases none, so less photographers will be needed. What happens next? people realise that all the best gear still makes crappy photos in the wrong hands and start hiring pros again; they get used to rubbish and make do; but generally more photogs will be out of work or be part time doing a job here and there.

I remember when I started as a telecomms tech there was often 5-10 permanent techs in most telephone exchanges, now you could be in one for weeks without ever seeing a tech, times change, work moves on. Trouble is with photography, the work is less but the workers are getting more numerous. I can see in the near future most of my work will be in the studio, as studio work is something that is harder to do by people with less commitment and skill.

Hobbyists getting in the way of working photographers is of course
annoying, and at well organized events that should not happen. In the
case of school events I think its impossible to avoid though.

Yeah, I think it would be very very hard to make worthwhile money doing that. If you are doing it, you must have some good business skill to match your camera skill.

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