Bad Bokeh - not the lens

Started Feb 8, 2008 | Discussions thread
Marc de Vries Contributing Member • Posts: 856
Re: Let me clarify

You can actually see it via view finder before taking the shots ( obviously not > the Xti view finder because it is too small. However, if you have live view > feature, you can probably see this quite clear )

I thought that I saw it through the viewfinder when I was shooting
with my 100-400 L zoom lens, but now I think that what I was seeing
was the fresnel lines on the viewfinder screen rather than ghosting.

I have definately seen the EXACT same effect through the viewfinder when shooting with my 100-400L with my 400D.

But it is only clearly visible in certain conditions, when twigs are just the right amount out of focus, and with a lot of light.
(which means I have only seen in through the viewfinder during the summer)

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