Aperture 2.0 WOW

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Najinsky Veteran Member • Posts: 5,650
Aperture 2.0 WOW

Just about getting my head around the implications of all of the changes. Wow

I don't think I was expecting things to be quite so comprehensive, I'm pinching myself.

I think they managed to address just about every area of concern.

CA - sorted
Vignette/(de) - sorted
Vibrance - sorted
Hihglight only recovery - sorted
Preview based browse/edit for performance - sorted

Plug in edits!!!!! - unbelivable - Integrate the best correction tools available - sorted
Localised clone/heal - sorted
DNG for unsupported raw - sorted
customisable books - sorted
Full 16 bit from capture to print - sorted
improved print - sharpen for print + loupe - sorted

Is anyone still not happy? What's your beef?


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