Flash modifier/diffuser results and answers - cont'd

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Flash modifier/diffuser results and answers - cont'd

I finally had a chance to take pictures of my diffuser which gave results of number 9 and 10. Few have asked me for how it looks. Here is the original thread of the experiment.


Here was the results from the experiment again:

This is my DIY diffuser that gave 9 and 10. As you do know, most people will need different many flash techniques and methods to cover all your basis. But I find my DIY diffuser very versatile for me in indoors with white walls and ceilings. Outdoors I still like Chuck Gardner's diffuser. Diffusion method will also depend on your personal style which showed during the survey. So I'm posting this for people who like number 9-10 results from the experiment.

Made from tupperware from the dollar store (holds spices), some white and black cardboard.

Mainly used to bounce light off side walls and send also some light forward to rid some of the harsh shadows.

Divider in the middle directs more light forward to subject. However, if you didn't want as much light forward than you don't need to add that divider.

Can bounce slightly upward off side wall (giving results of number 10)

Now by rotating the head backwards and pointing the head straight up, you essentially have a bounce card with a large surface area and a bit of diffuser. Which makes it useful and more versatile. (if you have no walls or the walls are too far)

Here is the lighting pattern of the bounce. Large light source from the side off the wall. Light direct forward from the diffuser from the flash head. Black cardboard prevents light wasted going down to the floor. Light is also directed up and back to light the room.

Now another option if you don't have a white wall but still have white ceiling. This was shared to me by Joe Demb creator of the Flip-It. Thanks Joe for the tip. This still creates a large light source off camera using the white ceiling. The bounce card lights up another part of the ceiling at a weaker intensity giving you a second light source to reduce some harshness in the shadows.

I hope this post it useful. And try making your own diffuser. It actually doesn't take that long.

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