Missed the last cable car home

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Re: Missed the last cable car home

robes1 wrote:

BTW2 anyone else noticed they tend to tilt the heavy E3 to take the
weight? I've had lots (most!) with horizon sloping bottom left to top
right. Must have weak/lazy wrists!

Outstanding photos!

The saying goes when it's pouring lemons, make lemonade...in your situation, you made pure nectar out of adversity.

Working on my laptop, I don't have examples to show, but getting the horizon, or other orienting horizontal or vertical line, just right can be very

tricky when looking through the viewfinder of nearly any camera. Not a matter of camera weight, or weak wrists. More likely having to do with optics and our interpretation of what we are seeing. I have been striving to be more "tuned in" to the appearance of horizon when I'm shooting.

BTW, it can be very handy with the E-3 to use live-view when alignment is crucial Activate the "frame assist" menu item, which enables grid patterns on the LCD (in live-view) by pressing the info button a few times. (Custom menu 1D -> DISP/PC. Manual p 32,95)

Keep up the good work!


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