Help viewing ALL 1d Mark III custom function settings?

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Re: Help viewing ALL 1d Mark III custom function settings?

Hi Canon EOS-1D/1Ds/5D forum members,

With no response to my first post here on DPreview, I decided to check in with Canon...I would think with a bunch of gearheads here, someone would be able to give me an answer to my question.

Anyways I spoke with a Canon EOS Digital Technical Support Representative yesterday and was told that Canon did not allow the CF settings to be viewable in their editing/viewing programs such as DPP 3.2, EX ZoomBrowser, etc.

I think that kinds s* ks, since I would really LOVE to know on ANY photo I've shot what my:
1)CFn III-2 AI Servo tracking sensitivity was-(if I decided to change it)
2)CFn III-3 AI Servo 1st/2nd img priority was-(if I decided to change it)
3)CFn III-4 AI Servo AF tracking method was-(if I decided to change it)

4)CFn III-5 Lens drive when AF impossible setting was-(if I decided to change it)
5)CFn III-8 AF expansion w/selected pt mode was-(if I decided to change it)
6)etc, etc, etc.

It is a pain in the a** trying to keep track of the different CF combo's that I have tried and used over the last almost 8 months-(#523* , bought June 2007 in Los Angeles, which now has the 2 dots in the battery compartment)-I have owned and shot surfpix with my 1d Mark III, trying to get the optimum quality image from this incredibly fast camera that DOES have it's quirks and focusing issues...

Still, it's a very fun camera to use, captures some incredible images alot, I just can't wait for the next hardware/firmware release to bring it to it's top performance, BUT with the abilty to read the exif CUTOM FUNCTION settings I used without studing my hand written notes please!!
Late, Randy

PS-Thanks for all the TIPS you have all posted over here and at FM/POTN, etc. the last few years, it has helped a 45 year old surfer of 32 years-(who did not attend Photography class in high school or go to college)-become better at capturing surfpix here in Los Angeles when the waves are good...

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