SM Flashwaves - Cheap alternative to Pocke Wizard

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Donna K Contributing Member • Posts: 879
Re: Try Radio Shack

I went ahead and purchased extra batteries to have on hand from Radio Shack since I don't know how long they will last.

I received my FlashWaves last week but have not used them out in the field. I briefly tested them in my house and as far as I can tell, they work fine- as Gene has described. I do like the hot shoe since you don't have to worry about cords. The units ship with a little black pouch that you can put them in for storage in your camera bag, which I find handy 'cause these little things could get easily lost in my bag !

As far as the cost, the Skyports are close in price to the FlashWaves. However, when you take into consideration, the shoe connection and the cost of the included cords/ adapters, they seem very reasonably priced.

Donna K

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