More megapixels, better photos: Fact or fiction?

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Re: I agree it depends

Eric Fossum wrote:

There is still a factor of 2x in QE to be gained, at least,

With a Bayer sensor? Or by replacing the colour filters with something
that doesn't waste photons?

and a factor of 5x in read noise,

So a "clean" photon counter is not possible?

and a factor of 5x in full well

I don't see why there is a theoretical limit. If the sensor is built more in 3D
and the electrons are led deep down? Or if the well is emptied and refilled
several times during exposure and a counter keeps track. Of course in this
case there is a full well conceptually even if it's not limiting.

Sorry for being so curious.

before I
think we will start to hit real limits in incremental improvements.
Just a guess.

Just my two oere
Erik from Sweden

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