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Re: I'm glad your so smart...too!

AC Gounaris wrote:

Good one Gene! I was going to write a similar reply to Ugene, but
you said at all...EXCEPT, HEY Ugene, who gives a sh*t??? If Macs
are so great, why do they "control" a whole 5-10% of the market?
Answer that one smart boy!

Gee, I don't know... That's a really tough one... Hmm, let's see I
guess Fords then maust be much better than say Mercedes or Porsche
or Ferrari for that matter. I am stumped now! In fact, now that I
have seen the light I will switch to a PC. Who wants a Ferrari
when they can drive around in a Ford?

Problem with that unclever statement certainly need to be VERY rich to buy a Ferrari, Porsche etc..

The cost difference between a PC and a Mac is negligable.It's just down to personal preferance...and 90%+ (according to previous poster) prefer a PC.

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