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Larry Young wrote:

What have they promoted. Ok I agree that is a difficult one but
there are a few. I still say USB and there biggest promotion is
broadband. They are involved in promoting new short range wireless
standards and networking.

Funny... I never thought of MS as a big promoter of short range wireless standards. 802.11b is standard on most if not all macs and has been for quite some time now. As for USB, PLEASE! I won't even go into that; it is a joke, right?

This is an otherwise great discussion and I sure learned a lot of things from both sides (having spent the last two hours reading all posts!), but facts are facts: MS is an illegally maintained monopoly. It is a company that has mastered the art of copying and benefiting from others' work. The only gem of a product they make is Excel. OK, Word too maybe... But, Windows? Come on! Just because we have to use it, it doesn't mean we have to like it too. So, come on everyone, take it off your chests and repeat after me: I don't like Windows and I am OK! There, you are cured!

Seriously though, to summarize the relation between MS and true innovation I would have to say that "Windows is to innovation as popcorn is to nuclear subs"!

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