D3 Tethered - which Nikon software do I need?

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Re: D3 Tethered - which Nikon software do I need?

Nikon Transfer requires you to start the transfer to your computer after selecting the pictures. i.e. it does not automatically initiate the file transfer.

Capture Pro 2 does it automatically when you take the shot. You can trial the software for a month to see if it satisfies your requirements.

The WT-4A also transfers the files automatically but its a more expensive and non-tethered option.
Hope this helps.

em_dee_aitch wrote:

I'm researching a tethered setup. I've figured out the second half,
which will be making a "hot folder" that will send the files into
Aperture. However, I need a little help with the first half, which is:

Some piece of Nikon software must be "listening" or "monitoring" for
the files to come over the tether cable, and it must write them to
the destination folder.

My question: Is Nikon Transfer sufficient to do that, or must I
purchase the latest version of Control Pro?

Mind you that I have no need for any more advanced features of
control pro. All I want is for the images to be going live across the
tether to the computer as I shoot them.

I have found lots of talk about this out on the net, but all the info
I've found is dated to older versions of the software. Tips from
current D3 tethered shooters much appreciated.

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