Which lens would you add - Hawaii trip coming

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Which lens would you add - Hawaii trip coming

I will be spending a couple of week in Hawaii in May, and I'm looking to add to my lens collection for the trip. Probably I can add only one lens. All of this has to fit somehow into one bag (a Tamrac shoulder bag, with reasonable capacity). I will take a D300 with me. I could take a D200 as well, but it seems better to me that I would trade the space of the D200 for one more lens to use.

I'm torn between getting a 300F4 (& 1.4 teleconverter) or a 105VR macro.

I've never had a macro lens before, put I think it will give me opportunities to do new things.

I already have 300 and 400mm lenses, but the quality is poor. I have a 75-300 G lens (the $150 model), and I have a (really crappy) old Sigma 400APO 400 F5.6. The Sigma is so bad I kick myself every time I decide to use it, so I think I will leave it home this trip regardless of getting something to replace it or not. In Hawaii, I was mostly just using it to try to get some whale breaching pictures last trip.

I have no objection to the 105VR lens - seems to have all the bells and whistles I would like on that lens, and it will be used handheld mostly.

On the other hand, I'm wishing the 300 had VR. I was fully prepared to get an updated 80-400VR if Nikon had chosen to update the design. Since they have not, I'm more prepared to get the 300 + tele as I think I will end up with sharper images. I would have used the 80-400 at 400 almost all the time anyway.

Other lenses I already have, should I want to take them, include 85F1.8, 50F1.8, 35F2 (this one goes for sure!) and 24F2.8 primes. I will definitely take the 18-200VR.

Undecided on 75-300, 18-70 (good lens, but why bother if I have the 18-200 and a couple of primes), 18-135 (wife's D80 lens - she now has a 18-200 as well). Old 28-85 and 80-200F2.8 probably won't come.

So - question comes down to shooting macro, something I have zero experience with, or getting long lens for ? subject matter. Will be spendig 6 days on Oahu and 7 days on the big island.

Any suggestions welcome for this. I've also toyed with the idea of 24-70 or 17-55 (improve quality), and 14-24 (quality, some wider angle).

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