More megapixels, better photos: Fact or fiction?

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Re: I agree it depends

John Sheehy wrote:

Small pixels don't make you hit it any faster; that is a myth. Both
pixel size and diffraction are parameters that confuse the ideal
image. Diffraction makes photons wind up in the wrong place, or
confuses their location, and large photosites do the same. Each
confuses the photons further.

It seems that the majority of people always have a knack of looking
at things the wrong way.

It seems the majority of people understand what is going on!

Diffraction becomes more an issue, with more mp..fact. To dispute that, is rather unwise.

As for the noise element..well, we all know your manufacturer sponsored opinions on that one

So far the real world evidence is thin to say the least..

Didnt you crop an SLR image to the same size as an FZ sensor, and declare the FZ sensor to be light years ahead of the SLR? I mean never mind the SLR image is res challenged. Really odd way of working out things, I have to say

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