More megapixels, better photos: Fact or fiction?

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Re: I agree it depends

KenEis wrote:

More pixels do allow better pictures but that assumes all else is
equal. This is never true. Smaller photocites mean more resolution
but also worse noise performance.

Other than the cases where companies improve their efficiencies, yes, but on a per-pixel basis. The noise of an image is not determined by the noise of the pixel alone; the size of the pixel, displayed, is the other factor. Noise is proportional to the standard deviation times the square root of the displayed area of each pixel.

This is something that most analyses of noise in the past have failed to observe.

Small photocites also run into
diffraction limiting at lower and lower f stops.

Small pixels don't make you hit it any faster; that is a myth. Both pixel size and diffraction are parameters that confuse the ideal image. Diffraction makes photons wind up in the wrong place, or confuses their location, and large photosites do the same. Each confuses the photons further.

It seems that the majority of people always have a knack of looking at things the wrong way.

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