More megapixels, better photos: Fact or fiction?

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Well Jay

Jay Turberville wrote:

But , who would buy an

With this size sensor, 5MP is the MOST I want to use. Past that,
things start to degrade.

And my Coolpix 8400 makes a nicer looking print than my Coolpi 5000.
Same sensor size, but the 8400 has 8Mp. My bet is that the 8400 not
only has more resolution, but has more silicon to pick up photons due
to a more advanced sensor design. It probably has other improvements
as well.

All that said, the difference in image quality isn't huge. After
all, they are the same formats. The Coolpix 5000 can be used to make
a very nice 11x14 print.

You can play the same game I'm playing. I post on the Bird Forum:

They have thousands and thousands of examples of bird photography. Each time you go there they have random images. I bet with myself, "was the camera a digcam or an SLR?"

So far I've been correct 100 percent of the time. The digicam pictures are easy enough to detect...

They have a plastic look that sticks out. High MP, low quality...


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