D80 flash-trigger range?

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Re: D80 flash-trigger range?

Also, I would like to add, that it doesn't have to be either or with CLS vrs radio triggers. The Cactus V2 triggers are simply so cheap that you can buy them as insurance for situations where you can't get the proper consistency or distance. I wouldn't continue to bash my head against a limitation like you are having nor would I throw more money Nikon's way because they haven't updated to radio yet.

At some point they will simply have to go with some kind of a radio system but it might be difficult keeping backwards compatibility with their optical system. In the mean time you could have the best of both worlds while Nikon tries figure it out. I guarantee it won't be a cheap solution when they finally do.

Here's a link to an umbrella kit with wireless triggers...


I got the starving student wireless kit SW2 (actually two of them) and of course since you already have umbrellas you could simply get the triggers from them (or lots of places on ebay).

For me spending 130 dollars (twice) was money well spent. It was a cheap way to get some good performance. And yes I bought my SB800 from them at that same time, too. The umbrella kits were the better part of the purchase I'm finding now- although I'm still trying to find some special use for the SB-800 so that it can earn it's keep.

Guy Moscoso

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