Free ride? I'll say

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oh really?

Bob Williams wrote:

Bill needs to close Microsoft down if they decide to bust it up.
I would love to see the reaction to that announcement from all
these cry babies. If Windows crashed and burned, the computer
revolution would be over. If they closed, most of the companies
that are sueing them would be out of business in a couple of
months. Microsoft needs to go on vacation for about 6 months,
long enough for the computer world to crawl on their knees
begging for them to go back to work!

Is that so.

If it is true then Microsoft must be in a monopoly position.

If it is false then your statements can be taken as a load of rubbish.

The simple fact is that we actually don't need MS in its present form. Plain and simple.

I hope they get broken up. It will revitalise the industry.


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