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Re: More food for thought...YUM!

Hi Silicon Junky

Silicon Junkie© wrote:

David, David, David...

One can drive a truck through your ranting. Just because I didn't
mention any specific technology does not mean I failed to make a
point. In fact, you are in error in your statement that nobody has
JAVA. Yes, Microsoft pulled their proprietary implementation of
JAVA from Windows XP. However, a version compatible with Windows
XP is freely available for download on Microsoft's web site. I
know, because I've downloaded and installed it myself.
Additionally, one can continue using Windows 9x/2K until it is so
obsolete one is forced to upgrade. By then, there will undoubtedly
be technology and programming languages/environments that surpass
JAVA in it's interoperability and usefulness. Therefore, nobody
has been "deprived" of JAVA. Make certain you speak the truth
before putting it in print.

JAVA is an implementation for cross platform compatibility of files and programs. Microsoft killed it. There are many things labeled JAVA, but that is not what I am referring to.

All the examples, of which you speak above, presented in this
thread are flawed. Microsoft has not stifled technological
development one iota. Their business practices made it difficult
for competitors to survive - this much is certain. Without
adequate capital backing, and further development (i.e.: Netscape &
DR DOS), a lot of Microsoft's competition were unable to rise to
the challenge, and folded up.

Actually I never used Dr. Dos. I used Geo Works. However a court of law decided that Microsoft killed both of the above. That's not me speaking but rather a judge after a fair trial. Indeed Microsoft has a law team that anyone can envy. I certainly would like them the next time I go into small claims court...

Now the point of the above is not to compare Dr. Dos or Geo Works with the present version of Windows. At the time they were BOTH incomparably better then Windows. The court rulled that Microsoft illeagally sold development kits that hid the embedded code that prevented both from running Windows applications. Mind you that's not me ranting (Quick poll here: Do I rant or am I merely a fanatic?).

Allow me to reiterate, and I'm not speaking to you personally...if
you think you can build a better mousetrap, then go ahead - nobody,
including Microsoft, is standing in your way. The MARKET will
decide which product it likes best.

Absolutely: I agree, if the market gets an opportunity to judge they will decide. I do believe that this is the crux of the discussion.

Let's just leave it at that - OK?

I do believe that there is not much more room in this thread. In a shocking period of time YOU KILLED THE THREAD! - Just kidding!

Best wishes - the future should be very interesting

And remember every person who has ever been born lived in modern times.


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