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Re: ISO 3200 will be good

Fun with math, of course that maximum ISO is only achievable with binning so when you set the camera to ISO10,000 what is really happening is the native camera chip is set to ISO2500 and then binned to achieve ISO10,000, so if the native chips ISO max rating is 2500 then using your math we can expect the acceptable ISO to be ISO625.

Obviously even after this camera is released and reviewed there will be contention of max usable ISO simply because one person might be more tolerant of noise and noise reduction than another.
I am looking forward to seeing full res samples at all ISO values.

Utomo88 wrote:

Look at the history of Fuji cameras

divide the maximum iso by 4. and many people can accept that ISO

example Fuji F31fd, s6500fd has maximum ISO 3200
and iso 3200/4 = 800
many people say the ISO 800 of that cameras is good enough

now we see this cameras has ISO 10.000
divide 10.000 by 4= 2500

so in my opinion we can expect the ISO 1600 or 3200 will be good enough

but we need the proof

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