Free ride? I'll say

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Re: Free ride? I'll say

Has anyone tried I am hearing that some of the stuff snt back is shotty. I am hesitant because I am not sure I want to spen 30 dollars for somthing tha is subpar


andrew turner wrote:
Microsoft just plain sucks, that's all. Unfortunately, most people
are stupid and believe they have to use Microsoft products.

"Make Your Own Coffee Table Book lets you upload your photos and binds them into a
beautiful photo album complete with acid-free paper and your own
captions. "

Yeah, that's original. Apple was barely doing that, like, a year ago.

Microsoft will continue to do what it does best - rely on people
who don't know any better to continue to buy both their
malfunctioning, bug-ridden and security hole-filled software as
well as buy their hype.

Malibuss66 wrote:

What's with the "From Nikon:" "From Adobe:" etc?? Why does
Microsoft continue to use other people's work to advertise their

If you don't know about digital photography, don't make a digital
photography site. Pure and simple!

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