More megapixels, better photos: Fact or fiction?

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Re: More megapixels, better photos: Fact or fiction?

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Its a huge marketing game. some know what the real story is

Well, many dont..because average job still thinks its worth
"upgrading" from 10mp to 12mp on their compact, even though they
mostly print small.


Its worked too..

Sadly mp is to some, the only measure of IQ, and that is very much
not the whole story.

Clint is on holiday! Soon to return!

Sorry to jump in on your post Bazza which I do agree with BTW see the attached shot. Ive printed the original at about 8X10 or so and it's pin sharp and would easily go higher.

As far as the MP race goes. This was taken with a Minolta Z1 3.2 MP, I seem to remember, must dig it out and give it a workout.

I'm now shooting with an Alpha 100, supplied by Sony as they couldn't fix my D7D, and getting considerably good results with The SAL 16-250; cracking lens.


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