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Re: You couldn't have said it better.

David Barkin wrote:
Hi Airnee

When I go shopping for peripherals I don't need to go to the Mac
section. There's not a scanner in the industry that won't work with
my machine. I don't know of any printers that wont work with Mac
although there might be one or two. Etc, etc. Many of the problems
with WINDOWS are simply a by product of the fact that every PC is
essentially a custom PC. But other problems are the result of
embedded code or last minute changes to force out of existence
competing software - This besides being unethical is illeagal but
it doesn't bother Microsoft.

Airnee wrote:

Hi, some good points, and I will not agrue about the Atari since I
have not used one of those since the 80's when I was a child, but I
have had many problems with my computer, and many of them got
solved by updating the drivers from other companies, and some were
windows problems. But I would hardly say that windows is the cause
of all the crashes, actually most crashes that I have experienced
personally are the fault of an older bios version, or a driver,
sure my cdrom drive did not work for a while with XP and I am
definitively not saying that windows is crashproof, just that there
are more forces resposible here. I still stick with my statement
that mac needs to worry about a whole lot less than MS with
peripherals, because a main part is created by mac for mac which is
the computer, now I know that the graphics card is done by ati, but
mac needs to support 5 different cards in their computer while
windows needs to support a hundred of them, this goes with all

You're quite right, I use a PC because I have to. But I've been
using computers for 15 years now. There was a time, when Bill was
trying to crush the competing OS's that you couldn't run for more
then 15 minutes at a time with Windows. You HAD to fall back on
DOS. This was at a time when GEO WORKS was a marvelous OS without
any signifigant problems.

Now you are lucky because you are a graphics artist
that is the type of work mac is targetting the graphics
professional, so I would hope that many of the peripherals that you
use with windows and mac can be used on both. But the fact still
remains when I go to a computer store there is maybe one room with
mac stuff, and about 8 rooms with windows compatible stuff. And
yes it would be nice to have the choice of 5 browsers, but
personally I believe that IE is one of the better ones out there.
When the day comes that MS says "hey we are the only ones out there
lets create a crappy IE" that is the day that I will agree with you
that they are hurting the consumer.

But as long as they are making
an efford to come out with good products I do not really think that
they are hurting the consumer, I actually think it would be more of
a pain to have to look and integrate a web browser from someone
else, again this is my opinion of the matter.

Now we come to the crux of the matter. Microsoft doesn't wish to
make bad products. I'm sure that want their software to run
flawlessly. What they want is a monopoly that they can use to
maximise revenue and they don't care how exploited you are in the
process. If your machine crashes over and over it still gets the
job done. And what is this big deal about integrating a browser. I
downloaded ICAB a Mac browser and it integrated itself. The whole
process took less then two minutes

Let us take some other examples (and mind you I dont want this to
be construed as a defense of Netscape). IE, in addition to saving
cookies also keeps a history file. This file is accesible to any
site you land on. Any site that you land on can download this file
and know exactely where you've been!

There's a new addition to IE that keeps track of music that you
download. This cannot be disabled without disableing the player!
I'm not up on the details of this - Let someone else give a more
detailed description. I'm afraid it's academic to me since I don't
visit these sites.

Microsofts failed Network, if it had been succesful would not have
supported other browsers. The list is endless. Microsoft is
leveraging its monopoly in ways to destroy all compitition. The
public doesn't know and that's why the public doesn't care. There

Hmm.... if the public doesn't know, then how did you find out?

are such marvelous things we can do with oor computers that we
don't have a clue as to how Microsoft continualy limits our
choices. Here's an example:

I use an Atari Clone for much of my surfing. Why? Well for one
thing I can filter out ALL the advertising if I want. For another
it has the only e-mail program that allows me to delete mail on the
server BEFORE I download it. Did you ever think of why your present
browser can't do these things?


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