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Re: More food for thought...YUM!

The Junkie Speaks!

And no doubt the universal standard of Java is deeply embedded into your computer! Still it's always good to see how someone debates questions. I wonder why JAVA, isn't on my machine? Must be another sign of my ignorance/envy of Bill Gates


Silicon Junkie© wrote:

David Barkin wrote:
Hi Jack

Do the statements of a hired gun from Microsoft mean anything?
While its probably not true, I wouldn't doubt that Microsoft spends
more on its lawyers then it does on software development (not a
statement of fact or even rumor).

For arguements sake let us say that Microsoft is broken up. Does
this mean the end of Windows? It seems to me that Windows will
happily stay in business and probably maintain most of its market.
The real result will be an opening up of the PC world to alternate
operating systems.

I really didn't want to get involved in this thread again, but you
just opened up such a gaping hole here...

Nothing is preventing ANYBODY or ANY COMPANY from developing and/or
releasing an operating system alternative to Windows - PERIOD. If
you think there can be such a better operating system, why don't
you write one yourself, and stop bitching about Windows and
Microsoft. Maybe then, YOU will be the next Bill Gates, eh?

Now Jack your posts are fairly sophisticated
about computers. You must know that real standards are file
standards, the compatibility of TIF with TIF, RTF with RTF and so
on. The ability to run programs. The demise of Microsfot as a
corporation will open the doors of PC owners to many more choices
of software and hardware. Innovation will no longer be strangled.

There are more software and hardware choices available today than
there ever have been in the history of the industry (especially for
digital cameras - gotta stay on-topic, you know :^) ). I challenge
you to prove otherwise! Innovation is in no way being strangled.
If a new technology is developed that is promising, any company
whose R&D and engineering divisions are worth their salt are going
to take notice of it - guaranteed. The fact that Microsoft may be
one of the first in line is of no consequence. If they believe a
new technology can improve their bottom line, it is their duty to
examine it closely, invest in it, license it, or even purchase it.
Welcome to the world of business, my friend!

The consumer of both PC and Apple hardware will be benefitted.
Everyone will benefit except Bill Gates.


Its hard to imagine a world without Apple or Microsoft, isn't it?
There are thousands of different possibilities that might have
transpired. Who knows? We might all be using Amigas, Commodore
64s, and Sinclair 1000s if it weren't for Apple, IBM, and
Microsoft. However, we all have to deal with reality, and live in
the world which exists today. I suggest you do the same.


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