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I have mixed feelings about Microsoft and agree with a lot of things you and others have said aout their questionable business practices. I also believe they have created some good applications and a set of nice development tools. That was one of the reasons we standardized our development on Visual Studio (primarily Visual C++). I always wish there were better... Our applications were award winning, best of class applications that users praised for both the powerful features and stability.

Anyhow, I can't let you get away with the broad generalization below. I used to work for an ISV that worked very closely with Microsoft. We also developed some technology for Microsoft several years ago.

Several of my fellow workers were ex-Microsoft programmers. And, I personally traveled to Microsoft's campus frequently. I found most of the people that I worked with at Microsoft to be fairly bright and a pleasure to work with. You just had to understand that anything you shared with Microsoft could eventually become part of a future competing Microsoft application. You learned to hold your cards close to your chest, but there was something to gain from playing with them.

That's why I am slightly annoyed by the constant Microsoft bashing. Microsoft pays very well, provides generous benefits and gives it's workers an extremely nice work environment. I have never met a Microsoft independant contractor - everyone I worked with in Micorsoft's vast development group (programmers / software developers / program managers) were employees with full benefits. I simply can't agree with the statement that "the majority of Microsoft employee's are "independent contractors". It isn't true.

David Barkin wrote:

Well I don't know about them but the majority of Microsoft employee's
are "independent contractors." Which translates out as no health
benefits etc, etc. This of course has nothing to do with the points
in contention. I just thought I'd throw that in.

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