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Re: I'm glad your so smart...too!

Hi Gene

I appreciate your statements below. There have been one or two people who have posted here who work or worked for Microsoft. Well I don't know about them but the majority of Microsoft employee's are "independent contractors." Which translates out as no health benefits etc, etc. This of course has nothing to do with the points in contention. I just thought I'd throw that in.

The worry abut Microsoft is not just based on a distaste of their practice. It's based on a fear that eventually we will all be subject to their software standards and denied any kind of choice. Personally I feel that Bill Gates is a fool as well as being a criminal. Or to quote Lincoln: "You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

This is America and if Microsoft was able to get away with what it tries to eventually the American People will treat him as a pariah. Five years ago no one except "disgruntled microsoft employee's" would speak out against this company. Today quite a few people remember Bill Gates testimony in court where he made Bill Clintons and his famous "depends on the meaning of the word is" statements sound like paragons of honesty. Anyone who read Bills testimony (covered in full in the Times and many other papers) would have doubts not only about his ethics but his criminality.


Gene Miller wrote:

Dave I think the biggest problem is that I think all big business
function for their own greed. Enron is a good example. I realize
some of you guys are more concern with Microsoft's unfair practices
and in some cases we should be more concerned too, but we're not.
I'm more concerned when the top executives at Enron with the help
of Arthur Anderson helps rip off not only their stock holders, but
their own employees as well allowing a large number of loyal
employees to lose their retirement. That is what I call concerning.
Microsoft's fighting among large companies at which Microsoft is
the giant is not always right, but business practices I find
terrible with all these companies. It looks like when a company
like Microsoft steps too far out of line there are people like you
that yell for government intervention. For this, I should be
thanking you rather then debating with you. But I am a user of
programs and I am happy with what I have and I do feel fortunate.
Even though my perception is slightly different I do see and
understand your concerns. I just don't have the same urgency as you
and some of the other well informed posters here. All of you take

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