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Re: Is it my eyes or....?

gary mercer wrote:

Paulo has posted this comment before regarding the SD14 and in his
opinion, there is a cyan tint to the SD14 sky images. However,
shooting in raw, I've never experienced this as I color correct
images, do custom white balance etc as a routine matter of shooting.
But even shooting on AWB outdoors, I've never experienced this
phenomena down here in Sunny Florida. Even running raw images via
Adobe raw converter and auto have never reproduced this cyan
phenomena. The only time when I've seen a greenish cast to the sky is
when shooting late in the day with the very yellowish sun mixing with
the blueish Ocean sky and this is exactly how it looks at this time
of the day here in South Florida. I think as Guenther said it.
Color perception etc is a very subjective issue and open to alot of



As always insightful and informative. I hesitate to compare myself to most of the photographers on this forum - particularly the professionals and accomplished amateurs, but your comments remind me of how much the SDs challenge my preconceptions of taking a good photograph. To be fair my experience with other digital manufacturers is comparatively limited, but I find that the best possible outputs of the Sigma DSLRs (other brands notwithstanding) make apparent the need for really informed and focused (no pun) technique. It's not rocket surgery as the wag jested, but expecting the perfect photo to the individual's taste to pop out in P mode with auto WB, Auto post processing is perhaps forgivable naivete or experiential chauvinism. If Sigma photos don't please with minimal adjustment to our established shooting methods, then maybe - just maybe it's becaused we've become "used to" particular behaviors producing particular results. Suddenly it's different - and discomfort leads to rejection. Or so it seems to me.

Kind regards,

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