ZD 14-35 f2

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Garth Wood Contributing Member • Posts: 905
Re: The silence is deafening

James Pilcher wrote:

Hey Vince,

Garth meant that no one will have anything useful to say because
Olympus said nothing at PMA.

The 14-35mm is currently vaporware.

Well, not exactly "vapourware," but close. They showed some prototypes at an industry "do" prior to PMA, which look nice. But no-one knows squat about when (or if!) said prototypes will ever be instantiated into a production model you can actually buy. It may be that they're getting cold feet 'cause the lens is too expensive given the level of demand for it, or they're running into a technical problem, or whatever.

I think it's telling that they showed prototypes of the lens but haven't released any image samples yet. Who knows?


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