Color calibration for your camera. How important is it?

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Re: Color calibration for your camera. How important is it?

I've done some calibrations too, here are the results:

The calibration should ideally be performed for the particular lighting conditions and particular lens. Lenses do differ in their transmission characteristics, some may have color cast, some may look dull. Performing calibration with all the possible lighting conditions and with all lens in existence is next to impossible.

So I use a bunch of presets for typical lighting: daylight, flash indoors, tungsten and fluorescent. I haven't calibrated with all of my lenses, just with one of them. And this is really seen on shots. Ones made with 24-105 (the lens I calibrated) are visibly brighter and have better contrast and color reproduction. Shots taken with other lens with the same preset applied are slightly different in color reproduction.

And anyhow you have nothing to do with lighting like sunset, which is colored heavily. In fact, there's no need to do anything. Colored lighting often express mood, and colorimetrically accurate results are often just dull.

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