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DCsince89 wrote:

Did you know Microsoft was convicted of software piracy last year
by a French court? Not many people do. The Commercial Court of
Nanterre fined Microsoft 3 million francs because it illegally
included another company's proprietary source code in SoftImage 3D,
a top-of-the-line animation package.

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An economist testifying on behalf of MICROSOFT CORP. said the strict antitrust sanctions sought by nine states against the company would be harmful to consumers. University of Virginia economics professor Kenneth Elzinga said the states' proposed sanctions would cripple the Windows operating system, raise costs and reduce Microsoft's incentive to improve its products. "To me, it is plain that the non-settling states' proposal would harm consumers," Elzinga said in written testimony to U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly. Elzinga also told the judge that the states' sanctions are legally flawed because they "seek to impose a regulatory regime" on Microsoft software that has nothing to do with the antitrust violations the company committed. (Reuters 02:53 PM ET 05/08/2002 More...)

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