Interesting DR settings for F100fd:

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Re: Points to variable ISO? Interesting Point That Takes Into

account Fuji's provided information. We'll see.

NIK11 wrote:

Just folowing this thread. If the extra DR claimed is no more that
smart software, it begs the question why have Fuji mentioned ISO400
in their literature and why are there both auto and variable DR
settings available?

This information surely supports the idea that Fuji somehow achieve
the extra DR at the sharp end through variable ISO(same shot). This
might explain why users can select different levels of DR, because in
less than bright light conditions the upper ISO used runs the risk of
being pushed too high. So the user can, in varying degres, reduce the
DR enhancment - or leave in on 'auto'.

If it were otherwise, and DR enhancement was software-only based,
what would be the point of selecting lower DR values?

PS If you double the focal length, the numer of pixels is the square
root (12= 3.5 approx.)

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