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I think this is kind of subjective...

... since what setting to use highly depending on your preference and personal taste, as well the type of photos you shoot the most.

For me, this is how I set – I am sure everyone sets it differently…

1) Standard:

  • Sharpness: I increase the sharpness by 2 notches above the default – I tested it first by shoot a bunch of images, each with a different setting, and then select the one that fits my taste the best. I found that if you set it to maximum, it will create purple fringe effect on images.

  • Saturation: I set it 2 or 3 notches above the default at 5 or 6, but not the maximum 7. I think that gives me the level I need for general walk around shooting;

  • Contrast: I first tuned it up by 1 notch, but I found it to be too much, as the dark areas of most of the images appears too dark, so I tuned it down to the factory default;

2) Neutral and Faithful:

I leave them at the factory settings, since I wanted the “faithful” mode to be as “faithful” as possible, except for Neutral I increased Sharpness by one. Personally, I like to get the image to what I like as much as possible in camera, rather than do the whole change in PP, so I don’t use these modes often.

3) Landscape:

I set the sharpness setting to be the same as Standard, but Saturation one level higher, since for landscape you would need more blue skies and greener grass, etc.

4) I also installed the Clear style, but found it’s contrast is little bit too high for my taste, so I have not used it much – I don’t like to shoot in hazy days without much lighting anyway. May be I need to go live a heavily air polluted city to appreciate this mode…

5) I also installed the Autumn and Twilight styles too. I found the Twilight style too much purple-blue than what I would like, so I don’t use it often either.

6) I set the remaining customer one to be based on Landscape, and with increased contrast and sharpness, so I can pick it quickly for comparison shots when I see a scene I really like.

These are by no mean the best settings, and I am sure others will pitch in to tell you how they set the different styles….

Good luck and have fun!


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