*TO D7 USERS*: Good News from Minolta Japan

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*TO D7 USERS*: Good News from Minolta Japan

This morning, Minolta Japan has announced a great news that all of us D7 owners would cheer for: A D7 software upgrade package, including both the firmware and the DIVU, will be available in Mid-July!

The purpose of this upgrade package is to bring our D7 as close to the D7i as possible. Here is the list of enhancements listed on the Web site:

1. Speed of AF will be 1.5x faster than the current version

2. Speed for continuous shooting at 2580x1920 has increased from 1.1 frame/s to 1.5 frame/s

3. A new continuous shooting mode (UHS) has been added. at 1280x960, the camera can shoot at 5 frame second

4. Direct Manual Focus is enabled for fine-tuning focus.

5. Real-time Histogram Display is enabled

6. Different Focusing Screen is also added

7. Interval Animation, Night Movie and UHS Continuous Shooting Animation also added

8. Internal flash can now be manually fired

9. Folder structure can be changed

10. Quick View has been enhanced

11. Exif Print Supported

The other features are only relevant to people within Japan.

There are also changes for DIVU, but since I think most people are more concerned with how far the firmware upgrade can go, I have only posted the firmware change here.

The upgrade is not free, but it's also reasonably priced. For a complete upgrade package including both the firmware and DIVU, it costs USD$78 (10,000 Yen). If you only choose to upgrade one of the component, ie, only the firmware or the DIVU, it costs around USD$47 (6,000 Yen).

So, the only things I think we still short of are the 1/4000 shutter speed and the enhanced grip.

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