D60 Second Thoughts!

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Daniel Lauring
Daniel Lauring Veteran Member • Posts: 9,307
D30/D60 best point and shoot available.

I will repeat my mantra.

"The D30/D60 is the best point and shoot digital camera I ever owned."

This is coming from a person who owned over a dozen cameras.

You can just set the camera up in green mode and shoot away and enjoy fantastic jpegs.

You also have the option of shooting in RAW and post processing for even more capability.


Steve Reed wrote:
The D60 takes excellent pictures straight out of the camera. Far
better than the S10, s20, G1 or G2 (yes, I've owned all of those)

You don't have do shoot RAW, etc. until you are ready to push your
pictures further. With tools like yarcPlus it's pretty easy to do
everything automatically, then only spend "time" only on the few
shots that need color and exposure correction.

-Steve Reed

gregg levethan wrote:

While I wait for my D60 to arrive (to upgrade from my G2) I have
been seeing numerous posts about Workflow-Processing-RAW etc. As
anyone who has read my previous posts knows: I have been shooting
digital (S10-G1-G2-S30) for years but know absolutely NOTHING about
photography. Even though I am beginning to research workflow-RAW
etc. (one cound not help to after following this forum) I still
want a camera to shoot pictures of my kids BUT will not require
workflow-processing-RAW etc. Will the pictures out of this camera
be better than my G2 or do they need Photoshop-Fred Miranda etc. to
get there?

knows nothing about photography!

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