Canon Switcher's view on the Nikon D3

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Canon Switcher's view on the Nikon D3

Hi everyone,

Some of you may have read my thread about me switching over to Nikon D3. Well, I have been very busy at work so I have had very little time to get to know the new Camera. I don't want to comment on low ISO image quality before I have had proper chance to test it. However, below are my initial comments on the handling of D3 as compared to 1D III/1Ds III. Please bear in mind the following before reading on:

1- I have being a Canon user since 1999 starting with a EOS 5 (A2) following by, EOS 3, 1V, 1Ds, 1D II, 1D III and 1Ds III.

2- The views below are VERY SUBJECTIVE and personal. You may totally, and rightly so, disagree with some or all.

3- This comparison is, well, just that, a simple comparison between the current 1D series body and the D3. It is NOT meant to be Nikon is better than Canon or vice versa.

With the above 3 points in mind, here are mine findings:

D3 Advantages:

1- Moving from 1D to D3's user interface is (for me) like moving from Windows to Mac OS X. The menus are more comprehensive, the fact that settings like ML or LV can be done without going to the menus is very useful. Also, being able set the metering pattern or focus type via a switch is very useful too.

2- The LCD is a killer feature, in the sense that unlike my 1D, when I was never sure how in fcous my images were , I can make accurate focus accuracy judgements.

3- The build quality seems slightly better (again, this is my subjective view and I could be wrong in absolute terms).

4- The AWB is far more accurate than the 1D.

5- Although I initially though that Canon's focus point selection was more accurate, I have changed my mind on it. Using the joystick is far simpler and is nearly as accurate.

6- Auto ISO is such a brilliant feature. I can think of many senarios where this can be so useful.

7- The image INFO pages are very comprehensive.

8- The large top LCD screen is very useful, in that it shows alot of useful information.

9- The built in intervalometer is very useful for long exposures.

10- The artificial horizon is very accurate and easy to use, and very useful for landscape shots.

11- Being able to select from 51 focusing points is very useful selective focusing without the need for reframing.

12- The My menu option can have more items that 1D.

13- Being able to format the card without going to the menu is also very useful.

1D Advantages:

1- The grip is more comfortable.

2- The on/off switch is easier to operate.

3- The cross hair AF sensore are better spread across the frame

4- D3's sub command dial (the one in the front) is far less tactile that the 1D.

My nect set of comparisons are going to be on focus accuracy and tracking accuray and low ISO image quality. I will report back on these test as soon as I can.

Kind regards


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